On a high point on the island of Canna is an outcrop known for its disorienting magnetic properties. Up there, the rock’s iron ore content is so strong that compasses are usually at least 90° out. The part of the island where this strange effect is observed is tiny. Canna itself is also difficult to access; a long way from almost everywhere, it is blessed with violent winds, abrasive weather, haar, and more of it than you seem to get on many other exposed Hebridean places. But Canna, and its weird, uncertain high ground is perhaps the emblem of where I want to reach with the writing I do. 

This site will be about strange places and destinations, geographies and psychogeographies. Expect a preoccupation with beauty and eros. Expect obsessions and compulsions. I ‘just want to move the world.’ Why? Don’t have a clue, except that I was born looking for intensity and ecstasy (or at least it seems that way). This has never manifested itself as a desire to bungee-jump, climb Everest or take up boxing. No, what I mean is something inner. Perhaps, dear reader, you can relate to this and perhaps some of the things I’ll append to this site will mean something to you too. I hope so.